lunedì 29 ottobre 2012

A breathe of fresh air

The theatre (see previous post) is part of a cultural centre. There is also a public park, a museum of contemporary art and (in the museum) a shop. We arrived early in the night and we had time to enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of the place, waiting for the play to start while sitting on the benches, giving a look at the pieces of art and buying a pair of earings or a decorated cup with the other members of the audience. Many of them wore fashionable and colourful clothes; some of them looked like artists, other seemed to belong to the wealthier class with their refined appearance.
The general atmosphere of the place was quite European, and I loved it so much. I felt I could breathe freely, and the regime oppression seemed farther away. And I was very happy to find out that in Teheran there is an an active independent cultural scenario.

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