domenica 21 ottobre 2012


Here I am again. Why? Because I think I have something worth telling. Now Iran is the subject! :)
More than three years have passed since the last time I wrote the blog. Three years during which I have been working in Torino. Not a very exiciting life, one could say: but I love Torino and I like my job.
Anyway, I still love adventurous trips and faraway places (and what proceeds from it: meeting people, eating food, etc.). That's why, when a friend proposed me to visit Iran last summer (2012), I immediately accepted. We left end of july and we came back end of august.
The following part of the blog tells my experience there (before I forget everything!), about the places I visited, the people I met, the Iranian way of life, the Iranian politics, etc.: all that cought my attention, posted in a casual order. Of course, it is just my personal impressions, so maybe sometimes I am mistaken. Also for this reason, comments are welcome!
Before starting this post I read the previous parts ( I still like them, even though they refer to different times and situations (and a different me, I guess). If you like, take a look at them.
It seems that I used to close my first and last posts of each section with the same words. For sure, that is an unchanged thing, and I will not stop the habit. Then...

in ogni caso, forza toro!

Let's get it started.

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